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L.J. Diva

Welcome to the insane world of <strong><em>L.J. Diva</em></strong>, a world full of exciting novels, and refreshingly honest opinions.<br><br><strong><em>L.J.</em></strong> is an Author, Blogger, Social Media Commentator and Star, a fiery red-blooded woman, Jackie Collins devotee and future President of Australia.<br><br><strong><em>L.J.</em></strong> is a tech-savvy author who publishes her non-fiction books, multiple novellas and novels, and her Porn Star Brothers series through <strong><em>Royal Star Publishing</em></strong>. She’s been writing since 2006 and only plans on stopping when she’s fifty.<br><br>​​​​​​​ <strong><em>L.J.</em></strong> lives in Australia and blogs from wherever she likes about anyone she likes and has fans and followers from all over the world on many social networking websites.