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L.J. Diva

<strong><em>Welcome to the world of L.J. Diva! The Kick-Ass Author of Sexy, Sassy, Kick-Ass Romances!</em></strong><br><br>​​​​​​​ <strong><em>L.J.</em></strong> has been writing since 2006, when her first of many novels, <strong><em>The Road To Vegas,</em></strong> was born. In 2016 she created the <strong><em>Porn Star Brothers</em></strong> series about three sizzlingly hot Australian born Greek Island raised brothers who became the hottest porn stars in '70s America.<br><br><strong><em>L.J.</em></strong> lives in Australia, loves '80s music, disaster movies, and collecting Jackie Collins books as Jackie is her inspiration and mentor. You can find her at <strong>www.ljdiva.com.</strong><strong><br>​​​​​</strong>