About the author

Wendy Lee Davies

<p>Australian, Wendy Lee Davies began writing romances as a lark after leaving her communications and editing job of many years.</p><p>In 2017, this story won the Romance Writers of Australia&rsquo;s <strong>Emerald Award</strong> for Best Unpublished Manuscript and was a finalist in the Mid-American Romance Writer&#39;s <em>Fiction from the Heartland</em> competition.</p><p>Wendy enjoys cycling, especially cycle touring which she did a lot of in her younger, some say more foolish, years. Now that she&rsquo;s older and wiser, Wendy is wearing out the bike paths around her home town, making good use of her amazing pedal-assist electric bike. She&#39;s also traversed most of the incredible rail trails available in her home state, and one in New Zealand as well.</p><p>If she&#39;s not writing or riding her bike, Wendy can be found enjoying a coffee in some cafe. Or taking landscape photographs. Sometimes she makes cookies or muffins. She&rsquo;s even been known, on occasion, to annoy her writing friends with long, detailed editorial comments on their latest writing endeavour. But don&#39;t worry. They get her back, tenfold, when it comes to critiquing her latest romance-in-progress.</p><p>You can catch up on her latest news via her website (www.wendyleedavies). She loves hearing from readers, so don&rsquo;t be shy about dropping her a line.</p>