About the author

Francis Annagu

<p><strong>ABOUT THE AUTHOR</strong></p><p>Francis Annagu is an award winning poet.&nbsp;He read Political Science at the Kaduna State&nbsp;University, Kaduna-Nigeria. He writes in&nbsp;mind-blowing images, received the PIN&nbsp;Special Mention, PIN Most Awarded Poet 2016 and has been shortlisted for the Erbacce Poetry Prize in England. He was&nbsp;featured on the Blog Talk Radio, nominated&nbsp;for the Nigerian Students Poetry Prize and a&nbsp;Poets In Nigeria Connect Centre&nbsp;Representative. His poems have appeared in over twenty-five international poetry magazines, in Galway Review, Kalahari Review, Ayiba Magazine, London Grip Poetry Magazine, Crannog Magazine, Potomac Journal, Lunaris Review, Expound Magazine and elsewhere; including poetry anthologies and blogs. Author of the forthcoming&nbsp;poetry book &quot;Our Land In The Beak Of &nbsp;Vultures&quot;.</p>