About the author

Kara Beth Huddleston

<p>Hello and Thanks for stopping by!</p><p>I am the author of several romance books that I hope you will check out. I have degrees in music education and media communications from back in the days of the Apple IIe!&#160;&#160;I am a lifelong learner whose interests often show up as story elements. I want to entertain with the books, but also encourage you to think outside the box. My writings reveal my belief in love at first sight and that happily-ever-after is a choice and a journey &#8211; not a final destination this side of eternity. My conservative, redneck viewpoints, politically incorrect scenarios, and visionary storylines are sure to provoke thought and conversation.</p><p>I have led children&#8217;s classes and choirs, wrote and produced Christian children&#8217;s musicals, taught elementary music, tutored for a large high school, accompanied, solo-gigged as a pianist and harpist, and costumed for churches, schools, and community and regional theater. I currently teach piano.&#160;&#160;</p><p>My husband, Ronald, and I live in Georgia. We have three daughters, one foster son, corresponding in-laws, and many &#8216;children of the heart&#8217;. Of course, my favorite gig is being Grammie to a flock of perfect grandchildren! It doesn&#8217;t get better than that!</p><p>Please check out Kara Beth&#8217;s Katharses, my blog that shares some silliness and reflections of the &#8216;age challenged&#8217;.</p>