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mark j. cooper

<p>Mark Jason Cooper is a husband and father of two children that used online entrepreneurship to completely turn his life around.<br /> He did something that many don&#39;t have the courage to do, MARK quit his job and put 100 percent of his time and effort into creating an online income, recently selling a portfolio of websites for six figures!<br /> Specializes in online niche marketing MARK is an under-30 entrepreneur that travels the world and makes money from a wide variety of online assets. He is living the dream many aspire to reach through online businesses.<br /> MARK discusses how to start an online business and how to drive traffic using several strategies.&nbsp;<br /> &quot;I hear so many people talk about how they would love to earn a living through an online business but they aren&#39;t sure where to start.&quot;<br /> It&#39;s entrepreneurs like MARK that provide the inspiration and hand-holding that helps numerous people become successful online business owners.</p>