About the author

Shannon Kotz

<p>Shannon is enjoying time with her son Vinny and family. &nbsp;Shannon also home schools Vinny which allows them time to dream and create stories together. &nbsp;This is Shannon&rsquo;s first Children&rsquo;s Book that she has written, but she has had a poem previously published in a contest in the 1990&rsquo;s. &nbsp;And as recently as 2012-2013 had a poem/song recorded on a demo by Diamond Garden Music. &nbsp;The CD was called &ldquo;The Soundtrack of America&rdquo;. &nbsp;Her song was titled &ldquo;The Dance&rdquo;. &nbsp;Another song of Shannon&rsquo;s titled &ldquo;Peace&rdquo; is in the works of being produced. &nbsp;Shannon&rsquo;s passion and goal is either in poetry, songs and/or short stories for children to inspire, help, and bring hope to this World! &nbsp;</p>