About the author

Deborah Lyn Stanley

Deborah Lyn Stanley is a caregiver acquainted with crisis healthcare. She worked with memory-impaired seniors, and recognized her Mom’s situation early. Thus, Deborah Lyn became an ambassador to her family to help each member gain understanding about what was happening to their Mom.<br><br>Deborah Lyn enjoyed a successful twenty-eight-year career as a project manager. After the commercial properties sold, she devoted her attention to writing and caregiving. As a caregiver, Deborah Lyn is an advocate for the compassionate and respectful care of the memory-impaired elderly. She worked with memory-impaired seniors for creative arts fun, and was known as the Painting Lady.<br>&nbsp;<br>Deborah hosts a website offering a refreshing retreat for caregivers: “The Caregiver’s Retreat—a Place to Refresh, Restore, Affirm and Supply”&nbsp; <strong>https://deborahlyncaregiver.com<br></strong><br>Deborah is a writer as well as an artist.<br>Her Artist's website is: <strong>https://lynstanleyart.com/</strong>&nbsp;<br>Deborah's Writer's Life Website is found at:&nbsp; <strong>https://deborahlynwriter.com/</strong><br><br>Kindle and paperback editions are also available at: <strong>https://www.amazon.com/author/deborahlynstanley</strong><br>