About the author

Bill Rumpel

<p>ABOUT THE AUTHOR:&#160; Bill Rumpel was born and raised on a small dairy farm in north central Wisconsin.&#160; His boyhood consisted of working for his Dad on the farm, going to school, fishing, hunting, and exploring.&#160; He enlisted in the US Air Force, was commissioned as an officer 11 years later, served a total of 37 years active duty and retired as a Colonel.&#160; Bill, and his wife Nancy have visited over 70 counties around the world, lived in Europe for over 14 years, and frequently travel to Australia where their son Andrew and his family live.&#160; Bill has authored several books &#160;He&#160;Is published in 11 countries and five languages. &#160;His best seller "Us Vs The World" &#160;can be found by putting Bill Rumpel in the Amazon search engine. &#160;</p>