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Valentin Matcas

<p>Valentin Matcas, M.Ed. is a researcher, an author, a physicist, a mathematician, and an educator, currently enjoying writing fiction and nonfiction. Valentin Matcas creates mathematical models in Psychology, Biology, Physics, and Sociology, explaining Life, Humanity, and the world from all perspectives: behavioral, empirical, cognitive, connective, biological, social, spiritual, religious, developmental, existential, and cosmological. Valentin Matcas invites his readers to learn from his books, encouraging them to reason continuously towards understanding themselves and the world they inhabit, influence, determine, create, co-create, and experience. When he is not writing, Valentin Matcas enjoys travelling, studying, hiking, swimming, kayaking, sailing, snowboarding, riding his bikes, listening to good books, and playing good strategy videogames. Discover all his books!</p>