About the author

Rev. Rick L. Samples

<p>Revered Rick L. Samples is a 2007 graduate from the Claremont&nbsp;School of Theology and holds a Master of Divinity. He was ordained&nbsp;in the United Church of Christ in 2012. Rev. Samples has been a&nbsp;medical chaplain for the past ten years, and is trained in Clinical&nbsp;Pastoral Education. He received his level II CPE certificate at Sharp&nbsp;Memorial Hospital in 2008. Rev. Samples has been involved in&nbsp;church ministries for the past 35 years, including youth, singles,music, home and hospital visitation ministries, as well as serving the&nbsp;church from the pulpit. He has a passion for ministering to those on&nbsp;the fringes of society, as did Jesus through his unconditional&nbsp;<br /> acceptance of all.</p>