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Sharon Dick

<p>You got this far. I’m thrilled! How did you like the book?<br></p><p>I hope I tantalized you enough to read more of BIG CLINT’s erotic escapades. The purpose of my writing is simple. I intend to arouse you to your peak of climactic satisfaction. There are no wasted pages on the will she / won’t she dribble found in longer romance books. All the heroines in my stories eventually consent and have a fucking good time with their heroes.<br></p><p>Some kinks you can look forward to BIG CLINT climaxing to in my books are; spanking, rough sex, anal sex, fisting, punishment, anal first times, swallowing, facials, creampies, menages, double penetrations, pain embracing, choking, deep throating, public sex, and many more intoxicating pleasures.<br></p><p>Note that not everyone one of the fun things listed above are in every story BIG CLINT participates in. Hell, that would be a fun ride!<br></p><p>But you can trust that all the legal aged, fully consenting adults involved are creaming, blowing, sucking, licking, and peaking to unprotected, taboo, and forbidden sex just for the hell of it.</p><p><br></p><p><strong>Finally,</strong> thank you again for reading. I enjoyed sharing this with you and enjoy hearing from my Sharon Dick fans even more. Leave me an honest review. And keep me in mind the next time you download a hot, one handed read for your sexy needs.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>