About the author

Loni Lynne

<p> <strong>Loni Lynne,</strong> a hybrid, paranormal romance author, published in both traditional and direct publishing, is a former stay-at-home mom and Navy veteran who enjoys reading as much as writing. Born in northern Michigan she grew up all over the country before settling down with her hubby of 25+years in Western Maryland.</p> <p> With her &quot;twenty-something&quot; year old daughters grown, she now has the ability to take her laptop and travel with her husband on his business trips. She&#39;s been to Germany/Europe twice now and calls it her second home.</p> <p> Check out Loni Lynne&#39;s books, <em><strong>Wanted: One Ghost, Distilled Spirits</strong></em> and her <em>Guardians of Dacia series</em>, <strong>Immortal Heat</strong>.&nbsp;</p> <p> <strong>Coming Soon</strong>--Book 2 in the <em>Guardians of Dacia series</em>, <strong>Immortal Angel</strong></p> <p> &nbsp;</p>