About the author

Jaleta Clegg

<p>Jaleta Clegg loves to make up stuff then tell stories about it. Her life is full of imaginary friends who go on adventures all the time. The only way she can go along is as the narrator and scribe. So she writes down what the imaginary voices in her head tell her, then publishes them as science fiction adventure, steampunk fairy stories, silly horror, and all sorts of other things.</p><p>She has an eleven book space opera series, a steampunk fairy novel, and dozens of short stories out in the wild.</p><p>When not writing down her adventures, Jaleta is usually playing with yarn, cooking strange dishes, watching too much tv, and dreaming up more stuff to write down. She lives in Washington state with a diminishing horde of children, elderly pets, a very patient husband, and lots and lots of books.</p><p>Find more of her work at www.jaletac.com</p>