About the author

Julie Harris

Internationally-published, award-winning Australian author, Julie Harris, is a storyteller at heart who finds it easier to write a full-length novel than figure out which genre it’s supposed to be in. <br> <br>She never writes the same book more than once and it used to drive her agent crazy because she writes whatever is next in the queue: fast paced psychic thrillers, human dramas set in the present or the past, stories about old people and young people and everyone in between. <br><br>She figures if she needs to know how the tale ends, then surely her readers will, too. <br><br>When she’s not writing she’s gardening, or reading, or playing silly games on the tablet. She lives with her logical husband, one dog, one cat, four cockatiels and two goldfish in a small country town in Queensland, Australia. <br>