About the author

JanMarie Kelly

<p> JanMarie Kelly, a nationally known authority on pet care and pet behavior, began her career as a shelter volunteer. Her love of animals and interest in understanding them led her to delve deeper into animal rescue and behavior. She was a dog training participant turned dog trainer student who eventually became an animal rescue manager. Along the way she consumed every bit of information and viewpoint she could on the canines and felines she had become so involved in rescuing.</p> <p> With five non-fiction books and hundreds of articles written, Ms. Kelly has taken her first love, writing, and began intertwining it with her love of animals. She has written on a variety of topics in the pet field including training, behavior, health, and the benefits of keeping pets.</p> <p> Ms. Kelly has always been one who liked to be organized, prepared and as self-sufficient as possible and this mindset has come in quite handy when working with animals. Being prepared and self-sufficient decreases the stress, increases your confidence and significantly aids in dealing with emergencies. She has taken these years of preparedness and not only included them in the pet field, but has also shared her knowledge and insights on sights like American Preppers Network and most recently, The Homestead Bloggers Network.</p> <p> It&#39;s safe to say Ms. Kelly&#39;s life revolves around her three passions; writing, animals and self-sufficiency. She lives and breathes her passions and it is in everything she writes, reads, researches and practices.</p>