About the author

Ashley James

<p> Ashley is a divorced mother of two teenage girls.&nbsp;Prior to getting married she attended the University of Massachusetts for two years before dropping out due to boredom.&nbsp; She found a job at an LA exotic club as a dancer. She enjoyed dancing and was very good at her job. This lasted a few years. She was so popular with the customers that she was offered a job at a legal brothel in Nevada. That is where she met her future husband.&nbsp; After earning an excellent living , and saving a considerable nest egg, she decided to leave the brothel and settled in Atlanta to raise her family.&nbsp; While in college she had taken creative writting courses and had enjoyed it very much. In Atlanta she discovered that she was still interested in writing.&nbsp; Ashley decided to take advantage of her many erotic experiences and started writing short stories. All names have been changed to protect the innocent, of course.</p>