About the author

Aphrodite Hunt

<p> Aphrodite Hunt is an Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, All Romance Ebook, Bookstrand and 1 Place for Romance Bestselling author of erotica and erotic romances. Her stories have been in the Top 100 of the Barnes and Nobles overall charts, Top 2 of the Amazon US Erotica charts, Top 30 of the Amazon Romance charts and the Top 15 of Movers and Shakers.</p> <p> She has had no less than 23 stories hit Amazon&#39;s Top 100 Erotica and two which have hit the Top 2. Twelve of them have hit the Top 100 Barnes and Nobles bestseller charts.</p> <p> She also writes under Artemis Hunt for erotic romances and other non-erotica subjects.</p>