About the author

Albert Jack

<p>Albert Jack is a writer and historian. His first book Red Herrings and White Elephants explored the origins of well-known idioms and phrases and became an international best-seller in 2004. It was serialized in the Sunday Times and remained on their best-seller list for sixteen straight months.&nbsp;</p><p>He followed this up with a series of other popular titles including Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep, Pop Goes the Weasel, What Caesar did for my Salad &amp; They Laughed at Galileo.</p><p>Fascinated by discovering the truth behind the world&#39;s great stories, Albert has become an expert at explaining the unexplained, enriching millions of dinner table conversations and ending bar room quarrels the world over.&nbsp;</p><p>He is now a veteran of hundreds of live television shows and thousands of radio programs worldwide. Albert lives somewhere between Guildford in England and Bangkok in Thailand.</p><p>OTHER BOOKS BY ALBERT JACK</p><p>Red Herrings and White Elephants<br /> Shaggy Dogs and Black Sheep<br /> Phantom Hitchhikers<br /> Loch Ness Monsters and Other World Mysteries<br /> Pop Goes the Weasel<br /> The Old Dog and Duck<br /> What Caesar Did for my Salad<br /> Black Sheep and Lame Ducks<br /> It&#39;s a Wonderful Word<br /> Money for Old Rope Part 1<br /> Money for Old Rope Part 2<br /> The Jam: Sounds From the Street<br /> Want to be a Writer?<br /> New World Order: The Bilderberg Conspiracy and the Last Man in London<br /> Rose Versus Thistle<br /> They Laughed at Galileo<br /> The Greatest Generation - Diary of a 1st &amp; 6th Airborne Paratrooper<br /> 9/11 Conspiracy<br /> Debt Freedom Program<br /> The Slow Death of Europe<br /> Blue Moons and Black Markets</p>