About the author

Lawrence Block

<p>Lawrence Block has been writing award-winning mystery and suspense fiction for half a century. His newest book, pitched by his Hollywood agent as &ldquo;James M. Cain on Viagra,&rdquo; is <em>The Girl with the Deep Blue Eyes. </em>His other recent novels include <em>The Burglar Who Counted The Spoons</em>, featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr; <em>Hit Me</em>, featuring philatelist and assassin Keller; and <em>A Drop Of The Hard Stuff</em>, featuring Matthew Scudder, brilliantly embodied by Liam Neeson in the new film, <em>A Walk Among The Tombstones</em>.&nbsp; Several of his other books have also been filmed, although not terribly well.&nbsp; He&#39;s well known for his books for writers, including the classic <em>Telling Lies For Fun &amp; Profit</em> and <em>Write For Your Life</em>, and has just published a collection of his writings about the mystery genre and its practitioners, <em>The Crime Of Our Lives</em>.&nbsp; In addition to prose works, he has written episodic television (<em>Tilt!</em>) And the Wong Kar-wai film, <em>My Blueberry Nights</em>.&nbsp; He is a modest and humble fellow, although you would never guess as much from this biographical note.</p>