About the author

Deakon Reeves

<strong>The name’s Deakon-</strong><br>… ‘Deakon Reeves.’<br>I write Christian Faith and Adventure Fiction, and I do it clean.<br>Not to condemn the world, but that the world might be saved ~ (tipping my hat to (John 3:17).<br>So never mind that I am a persona. I’d dare say that some of your favorite people are ‘less-than-real.’ Characters in a story … Author pen names … your dream man or dream woman … and even your secret self.<br>So come on along. The air is clean here, the lighting is good, and you’re going to like what you find.<br>And Don't miss out on getting your <em>FREE</em> copy of the Prequel to my Revival Team Series (See how it all began). Get it Now at: https://elkleafpublishing.com<br><em><strong>But Why The Persona?</strong></em><br>As a Christian Author, I became aware - early on - that I had a 'propensity towards pride' (try saying that three times fast). :)<br>So in order to remain true to my commitment to the Lord, and His will, I decided that it might be better if I didn't plaster my image, or my name, all across social media (and honestly, I don't take good pictures, anyway).<br>There are images of us everywhere in our world today and I simply wanted to portray less of 'me' and more of 'Him.'<br>So now you know. I'm not 'hiding' ... I'm just 'abiding.' And I hope you'll see that commitment reflected in my work.<br>