About the author

Michael Walsh

<p>Michael Walsh was born during World War Two on Canada&rsquo;s east coast. He joined the Air Force after school and trained as a pilot, moved to the west coast, discovered mountains, and made a name for himself as an exploratory mountaineer. Then restless, he transferred to the Navy to captain ships. A dozen years later, still restless, he resigned his commission to expand his wine importing business and to pursue his passions, becoming a wine and food writer and educator and Canada&rsquo;s chief coin geek. Restless again, he sailed off and rounded Cape Horn. Twice.&nbsp;</p><p>The past few years he&rsquo;s been living aboard Zonder Zorg, a restored 1908 Friesian sk&ucirc;tsje, as he explores the European canals trying to sort out what to do when he grows up. Meanwhile, he&rsquo;s gone back to writing, and after four nonfiction books on boating in two years, he&rsquo;s turned to fiction.</p>