About the author

Chris Almeida

<p> Chris Almeida (also known as C. Almeida) began writing children&#39;s stories at a very young age. Born in Brazil but currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Chris&#39; life took a totally different course when technology came into play, and the following 17 years were spent delving deep into the world of programming and web design.</p> <p> It was in 2010, when Chris began role playing online as a hobby, that writing wormed its way back into the picture. This time, writing storylines for the role playing group.</p> <p> The ideas and plots created for the game awoke the inner writer and a few months later, together with partner in crime Cecilia Aubrey, began writing erotic romance.</p> <p> Now, still together, they have written a number of short stories and novels and are currently working on book three of their series. Through it all they have continued to enjoy role playing through their favorite characters.</p>