About the author

Mauritz Mostert

<p>Artist and author, Mauritz Mostert, was born and bred on a South African farm. The untamed bushveld was his second home where his family was influential in the creation of the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve.<br><br>Growing up between what was then the African wilds and a commercial farm meant driving vast distances over dirt tracks, through rivers, riding in supplies needed for weeks at a time in an old Kombi.<br><br>Isolation in the bushveld was profound but blissful. In the rainy season the camp would be cut off as the rivers rose and flooded the dry bush. The nearest bush clinic was the mission station at Acornhoek, run by nuns, over forty miles away and the nearest small town, one hundred.<br><br>In the bush, young Mauritz learned to be resourceful and capable. His constant companions, the birds, the animals and Santros, the son of his grandfather's right-hand man. But like most colonial children from African farms, Mauritz had to eventually go to boarding school, seeing his beloved bushveld only on holidays.<br><br>Mauritz has worked in South Africa and Botswana as an expedition guide and coordinator for documentary makers associated with National Geographic. Apart from painting and writing books, he is the webmaster and developer accountable for Wildmoz. There he is the wildlife photographer, providing visual content on the websites and illustrations for the African Folktales Book Series.</p>