About the author

Vikki Kestell

<p>Vikki Kestell’s passion for people and their stories is evident in her readers’ affection for her characters and unusual plotlines. Two often-repeated sentiments are, “I feel like I know these people,” and “I am right there, in the book, experiencing what her characters experience.”<br><br>Vikki holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technologies. She left a career of twenty-plus years in government, academia, and corporate life to pursue writing full time. “Writing is the best job ever,” she admits, “and the most demanding.”<br>Also an accomplished speaker and teacher, Vikki and her husband Conrad Smith make their home in Albuquerque, New Mexico.<br><br>To keep abreast of new book releases, visit her website, http://www.vikkikestell.com/, or find her on Facebook, http://www.facebook.com/TheWritingOfVikkiKestell.<br><br><strong>A Prairie Heritage</strong><br>Book 1: <em>A Rose Blooms Twice</em><br>Book 2: <em>Joy on This Mountain</em><br>Book 3: <em>The Captive Within</em><br>Book 4: <em>Wild Heart on the Prairie</em><br>Book 5: <em>Stolen</em><br>Book 6: <em>Lost Are Found</em><br>Book 7: <em>All God's Promises</em><br>Book 8: <em>Joy on This Mountain--A Short Story</em> (ebook only)<br><br><strong>Girls from the Mountain</strong><br>Book 1: <em>Tabitha</em><br>Book 2: <em>Tory</em><br>Book 3: <em>Sarah Redeemed</em><br><br><strong>Nanostealth</strong><br>Book 1: <em>Stealthy Steps</em><br>Book 2: <em>Stealth Power</em><br>Book 3: <em>Stealth Retribution</em><br>Book 4: <em>Deep State Stealth</em></p>