About the author

Nathan Johnson

<p>Nathan Johnson&#39;s was born Sept. 2, 1971, in Irving, TX. He grew up in Cedar Hill, TX and graduated from Cedar Hill High School. While there, he became interested in writing. He graduated in 1991 from Cedar Hill High School. He finished writing &quot;The Rebel&quot; in November 1991. After seven years of writing as a hobby, he took a break and focused on his education and career. He recieved an Associate Degree in Business Administration from Mountain View College in May 2000. In Aug. 2001, he started working for Immigration &amp; Naturalization service (Later Department of Homeland Security), where he&#39;s currently employed.</p> <p>His passion was always present and after several years of employment, he resumed his favorite past time. In Jun. 2011, he self-publshed &quot;The Rebel through Createspace.com and later smashwords.com. For the next two years, he began writing another novel called &quot;Touch of Evil, Part 1.&quot; It was published through createspace.com and smashwords.com in June and July 2013, respectively. Shortly after, Tate Publishing decided to publish a manuscript of &quot;The Rebel&quot; he&#39;d submitted. &quot;The Rebel&quot; was released through Tate Publishing on Jan. 7, 2014. He&#39;s currently working on &quot;Touch of Evil Part 2.&quot;</p>