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patricia hildebrandt

<p>Patricia is also a very serious physique athlete, who enjoys building a lean, muscular, aesthetic body but stops short of competition because for her its not about going on stage and competing&hellip;Its about choosing real strength. Its about fitness for &quot;life&quot;. As a personal trainer,&nbsp;massage therapist and part-time free lance writer, her focus is health and wellness for her clients.&nbsp;She says:</p><p><em>&ldquo;</em><em>It&rsquo;s</em><em>&nbsp;really quite simple&hellip;.I&rsquo;d rather have balance than live in a world of extremes. I&rsquo;d rather be fit for &ldquo;life&rdquo;&hellip;to maintain a strong, healthy body and mind as I age&rdquo;.</em></p><p></p>