About the author

Lawrence G. Taylor

<p>I was born in Guyana, immigrated to England in the early 60s. Worked and studied in London, before taking up residence in Sweden, in the early 70s. Retired a few years ago and, after that, ran a mental health practice.&nbsp;</p><p>In the early 70s, I wrote stories, a four-act closet drama, a short novel, and an unfinished novel, and had spent two years nurturing the ambition to become an author of some repute. But the going was tough, and feelings of insecurity for the future. I got myself an education and profession.&nbsp;</p><p>I recently revised two short stories and two novellas that appear in the book, Strangers In Another Country. I have a Twitter account @lgt41 and a blog page: lgt41blog.com. I have a photography page: https://www.foap.com/community/profiles/lgt41</p><p>I recently published a novella, The Eternal Struggle:An Amorour Story. Kindly go to the book&#39;s blurb for details.&nbsp;</p><p>I sincerely hope you find my stories interesting!</p><p>Lawrence G. Taylor</p>