About the author

Chris L Adams

<p>I was raised on an 80 acre horse farm in what I affectionately refer to as BFE, which is shorthand for Rock, WV :0</p> <p><em>The Farm</em> as my family refers to it is neat, being surrounded almost entirely by the Bluestone River, in the shape of a giant horse shoe, if the horse shoe were bent and mangled and distorted a bit.&nbsp; The only place it is connected to &#39;dry land&#39; so to speak is a railroad tunnel built in 1914 running through the narrow stretch of land that isn&#39;t under the river.&nbsp; So gads, I know my mom feared for my life while I was growing up, as this place is surrounded by a river, it has cliffs, wooded trails, wild life, the railroad tunnel, you name it.</p> <p>I would scale cliffs, pole down the river in a flat bottom boat like Huck Finn, and me and my buddies played war with an arsenal of BB guns.&nbsp; I&#39;ve heated up many a derriere with my trusty Red Ryder, and had the favor returned tenfold.&nbsp; Where we lived they didn&#39;t have cable, and my folks wouldn&#39;t pay for satellite, so I ran the woods and cliffs, rode horses, climbed trees, waded, etc until dark, then I would read.</p> <p>I read a lot.&nbsp; I read everything I could get my hands on, from classics, romances, you name it.&nbsp; Then I discovered Edgar Rice Burroughs, Robert E. Howard, H. P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, in short - I fell in love with a bunch of authors who were mostly dead years before I was born.&nbsp; I knew after I read what was out there, there would be no more.</p> <p>Some of their works are obscure, and I&#39;ve thoroughly enjoyed every volume I&#39;ve ever stumbled on or run to ground.&nbsp; I love collecting old paperback reprints of these guys&mdash;&nbsp; Oh yeah, there&#39;s Edmond Hamilton, A. Merritt, the entire Ballantine Adult Fantasy Series (which I&#39;ve yet to complete).&nbsp; There are others, Philip M. Fisher, Lester del Rey, the list goes on.&nbsp; These are the guys who drive the type of writing I&#39;m attracted to emulate.&nbsp; You&#39;ll find their influence heavily in everything I write, whether it&#39;s a short macabre piece, or a fisticuffs, or any other form of arm chair adventure you care to mention - they&#39;re there.&nbsp; Tarzan, Conan, Randolph Carter, they&#39;re all there...</p>