About the author

Jason Blacker

<p>Jason Blacker was born in Cape Town but spent most of his first 18 years in Johannesburg. When not grinding his fingers down to stubs at the keyboard he enjoys drinking tea, calisthenics and running. Currently he lives in Canada.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Under his own name he writes hard boiled as well as cozy mysteries, action adventure, thrillers, literary fiction and anything else that tickles his muse. Jason Blacker also writes poetry and daily haikus at his haiku blog.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> You can find his haikus and other poetry at his website&nbsp;<strong>www.haiqueue.com</strong>.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> For FREE books and to stay up to date and learn about new releases be sure to visit&nbsp;<strong>www.jasonblacker.com</strong>&nbsp;where you can find more information about his writing and upcoming projects.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> If you enjoy space opera in the tradition of Star Trek then take a look at Jason Blacker&rsquo;s pen name &ldquo;Sylynt Storme&rdquo;. It is under the name Sylynt Storme where you can find both sci-fi and vampire fiction written by Jason Blacker.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> &ldquo;Star Sails&rdquo; is the space opera series and &ldquo;The Misgivings of the Vampire Lucius Lafayette&rdquo; is his vampire series.</p>