About the author

Daria Defore

<p>Daria Defore has been writing ever since she was a kid, and vividly remembers that her first story was about getting a pet dinosaur from Santa Claus. Now she writes filthy romance instead.</p><p>Her second book, <em>Sparkwood</em>, was a Rainbow Award winner for Best Debut Bisexual Book, as a finalist for Best Bisexual Fantasy Romance. It was inspired by Daria&#39;s love of <em>Twin Peaks</em>, a steady diet of murder mysteries, and her childhood proximity to a dark and sprawling forest that she treated as a playground</p><p>She has a fondness for history and mystery, and you&#39;ll find elements of both in her work. By day, she&#39;s a video producer and hosts two podcasts on tech and video games. She loves reading, cups of coffee in multiples of ten, and being bullied to write more.</p><p>You can subscribe to Daria&#39;s newsletter here to keep up with new releases and get exclusive free reads and sneak peeks &mdash; or visit dariadefore.com/newsletter and sign up there.</p><p>Follow Daria on Twitter @dariadefore or like her Facebook at facebook.com/dariadefore.&nbsp;</p>