About the author

Adam L. Penenberg

<p><strong>Adam L. Penenberg&nbsp;</strong>is a journalism professor at New York University who has written for&nbsp;<em>Fast Company</em>,&nbsp;<em>Forbes</em>, the&nbsp;<em>New York Times</em>, the&nbsp;<em>Washington Post</em>,&nbsp;<em>Wired</em>,&nbsp;<em>Slate</em>,&nbsp;<em>Playboy</em>, and the&nbsp;<em>Economist</em>. A former senior editor at&nbsp;<em>Forbes</em>&nbsp;and a reporter for&nbsp;Forbes.com, Penenberg garnered national attention in 1998 for unmasking serial fabricator Stephen Glass of the<em>&nbsp;New Republic</em>. Penenberg&#39;s story was a watershed for online investigative journalism and portrayed in the film&nbsp;<em>Shattered Glass</em>&nbsp;(Steve Zahn plays Penenberg).<br /> <br /> Penenberg has published several books that have been optioned for film and serialized in the<em>&nbsp;New York Times Magazine</em>,&nbsp;<em>Wired UK</em>, and the<em>&nbsp;Financial Times</em>, and won a Deadline Club Award for feature reporting for his&nbsp;<em>Fast Company</em>&nbsp;story &quot;Revenge of the Nerds,&quot; which looked at the future of movie-making. He has appeared on NBC&#39;s&nbsp;<em>The</em>&nbsp;<em>Today</em>&nbsp;<em>Show</em>&nbsp;as well as on CNN and all the major news networks, and has been quoted about media and technology in the<em>&nbsp;Washington Post</em>, the<em>&nbsp;Christian Science Monitor</em>,&nbsp;<em>USA Today</em>,&nbsp;<em>Wired News</em>,&nbsp;<em>Ad Age</em>,&nbsp;<em>Marketwatch</em>,&nbsp;<em>Politico</em>, and many others.</p>