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Iain Richmond

<p><br></p><p>Iain Richmond is the author of a growing number of science fiction series including the Oortian Wars and Spartan Chronicles. A designer and builder of remote, innovative retreats from Nepal to Alaska, he often finds himself the lone primate in primitive wilderness far from the edge of civilization.&nbsp;Post-apocalyptic sci-fi infused with a dose of horror and a high body count&nbsp;is the foundation of his work and mind-bending storyworlds.&nbsp;<br><br>For the first look at new novels, free stories, &amp; other events, join the 'WORLD-BUILDERS' email list www.iainrichmond.com/iainnation<br><br>News &amp; happenings in the Iain-verse: 'LIKE' the Iain Richmond Facebook page: facebook.com/iainrichmond<br><br>Follow Iain Richmond on Instagram: @iainrichmond<br><br>Head to Iain's Home World: www.iainrichmond.com<br><br>If you enjoy these tales, please leave a review and let the world know.&nbsp;<br>Independent authors need your voice as much as their own.</p>