About the author

Bruce K Beck

<p>Bruce K Beck is both a writer and an accomplished chef.&nbsp; He is the author of PRODUCE: A FRUIT AND VEGETABLE LOVERS&rsquo; GUIDE, which was called &ldquo;gorgeous&rdquo; by The New York Times, &ldquo;a dazzler&rdquo; by Bon Appetit, and &ldquo;the most spectacular food book of the year&rdquo; by The Boston Globe.&nbsp; His next book was THE OFFICIAL FULTON FISH MARKET COOKBOOK, which was called &ldquo;invaluable&rdquo; by Jacques P&eacute;pin, and &ldquo;a treasure&rdquo; by Irene Sax of Newsday.&nbsp; And Rex Reed said, &ldquo;. . .you&rsquo;ll love this book.&nbsp; It&rsquo;s like a movie!&rdquo;</p>