About the author

John West

We’ve all had those nights where drunken sex with a witch in a blood pentagram under a full moon on the roof of your favourite Johannesburg nightclub summons a hard-drinking demon who changes the fate of the human race forever.<br>Right?<br>No?<br>Just me, then?<br>♠<br>I was born in Scotland, but have spent most of my life in Africa. 30 years of it in the worlds of financial management and auditing.<br>♠<br>I spend my days managing client finances, writing novels and short stories, and growing old disgracefully.<br>♠<br>When I'm not hanging with Spike the psychotic butcher bird, fresh from his starring role in Dancing in Valhalla.<br>♠<br>Follow our exploits at www.Linktr.ee/BurningRosesNovel - FaceBook.com/BurningRosesNovel - or Twitter.com/BurningBooks1 - to enter a twisted world of music, magick, mayhem &amp; murder.<br>♠<br>9780620713276 - Burning Roses local paperback<br>9780620833035 - Dancing in Valhalla local paperback<br>9780620846110 - Hard Money local paperback<br>9780639824802 - Tales from the Crying Room local paperback