About the author

Miranda Martin

<p>Bestselling author of fantasy and scifi romance, Miranda Martin&#39;s books feature larger than life heroes with out-of-this-world anatomy and smart heroines destined to save the world. As a little girl she would sneak off with her nose in a book, dreaming of magical realms. Today she brings those fantasies to life and adores every fan who chooses to live in them for a while.<br /> <br /> She was born and raised in southern Virginia, but as a veteran she&#39;s traveled to places like Korea, Hawaii and good &#39;ole Texas. Now she&#39;s settled in Kansas, the heart of America, with her husband and daughters. Her favorite animals are dragons, unicorns and cats. If she&#39;s not writing, you can still find her tucked away somewhere with a warm blanket and her nose in a book.</p>