About the author

Vladimir Ostapowicz

<p>Vlad was born in Ohio and earned his Master&#39;s degree in Linguistics at California State University, Fullerton. He taught part-time at CSUF&#39;s ALP (American Language Program). During his writing career, Vlad was the lead technical writer for a global corporation based in Orange County, Ca.<br /> &nbsp;<br /> While at CSUF, he collaborated with a Chinese exchange teacher to write course books for Chinese university students learning English. Since then, they have co-authored over 60 textbooks used in various Chinese universities, many in reprinted editions. His travels took him to Shanghai and Hunan provinces as he was invited as a guest American teacher, co-author, and speaker to meet and discuss book projects with Chinese teachers and publishers.</p><p>His technical background and experience includes a degree in Electronics Technology from Santa Ana Jr. College, two FCC Radiotelephone licenses, and a patent. Prior to his academic endeavors, he was an automotive mechanic and had a successful mobile repair service route within L.A. and Orange counties.&nbsp;<br /> &nbsp;</p>