About the author

Suzie Grant

<p>My &#160;life has been one big adventure. &#160;My childhood was full of reading the classics like Treasure Isle, Robinson Crusoe, and The Swiss Family Robinson tales. In fact my mother has another word for my &#8220;stories&#8221; but to this day, I continue to dream up adventures of my own. &#8203;As a pregnant teen my adventure became a life-defining moment as I struggled to survive and raise a child. During those rocky years writing became an emotional outlet. After a very long divorce I again found myself climbing that rocky path of life and have learned to live by a single quote: &#8220;Obstacles are placed in our path to determine whether we really wanted something, or just thought we did.&#8221; By Dr. Harold Smith. &#8203;Taking life by the proverbial horns, I now live happily ever after with my new beau, and three boys in NC. One day I plan to retire and sail along the east coast, an adventurer to the end.</p>