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Kitty Corner

<p>Consultant psychologist, psychotherapist.<br /> <br /> <strong>Specializations:</strong>&nbsp;individual and family counseling, work with trauma, complex emotional (anxiety, panic) states, psychosomatic symptoms, the personality of the individual crises, twin and family relations; group therapy.<br /> <br /> <strong>Activities:<br /> 1. single counseling adults:</strong>&nbsp;one-time consultation on request, a short-term (maintenance) and long term (effective) treatment.<br /> <br /> <strong>2. Work with pairs:</strong>&nbsp;one-time consultation, long-term emotional and focused therapy.<br /> <br /> <strong>3. Group work:</strong>&nbsp;group therapy in the dynamic treatment groups focus group sessions, workshops, seminars.<br /> <br /> <strong>Directions:</strong><br /> - Development and strengthening of personal identity, increasing emotional awareness and self-esteem, develop practical skills of interpersonal communication;<br /> <br /> - Psychological support and support in difficult personal living conditions, development of competencies of emotional literacy and self-support;<br /> <br /> - Group dynamic therapy focused on solving a broad range of personal and social problems, the development and strengthening of self-awareness, self-confidence, improve the quality of life.</p>