About the author

Bradley Jersak

<p>Dr. Bradley Jersak is an author, editor, speaker and teacher based in Abbotsford, British Columbia. Brad received a Ph.D. from Bangor University (Wales). He is head of the department of New Testament Patristics at Westminster Theological Centre (UK), senior editor at CWR Press and the editor-in-chief of CWR Magazine. Brad&#39;s work is dedicated to sharing the good news that God is love and that God&#39;s love was shown to us perfectly in Jesus of Nazareth.</p><p></p><p>Brad is the author of several books, including Her Gates Will Never Be Shut, Can You Hear Me Now? and the highly acclaimed, award winning A More Christlike God published by CWR Press.&nbsp; He is working on his first novel The Great Descent which CWR Press plans to publish in 2018.</p>