About the author

Patsy Jawo

<p>Patsy Jawo lives in London in the UK and is a Spoken Word Artist in addition to being an Author. She writes poetry for commercial&nbsp;brands and does motivational speeches as well as performs at events.</p><p>In her own words &quot;Poetry chose me and every day I am grateful and intrigued by where life leads me. Everything I write comes from my heart and I feel sharing my poems strips me wide open. When I write I feel energised, happy, grateful, purposeful, free and connected with everything all at the once. My passion in life is being my perfect self peacefully, happily, lovingly and with a positive impact to all. Love inspires me and I am your very own #divineloveagent wishing you peace and love always.&quot;</p><p>Enjoy free poems, spoken word and buy&nbsp;books on Patsy&rsquo;s website: www.vewbooks.com&nbsp;</p><p>Connect with Patsy:</p><p>Facebook, Twitter, Instagram: @patsyjawo</p><p>Like Patsy&rsquo;s Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/patsyjawox/</p><p>Subscribe to Patsy&rsquo;s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3dY15rJM_R3xrfIksb4DqQ</p>