About the author

Deborah J. Ross

<p>Deborah J. Ross is an award-nominated author of fantasy and science fiction. She&rsquo;s written a dozen traditionally published novels and somewhere around six dozen pieces of short fiction. After her first sale in 1983 to Marion Zimmer Bradley&rsquo;s <em>Sword &amp; Sorceress</em>, her short fiction has appeared in<em> F &amp; SF, Asimov&rsquo;s, Star Wars: Tales from Jabba&rsquo;s Palace, Realms of Fantasy, Sisters of the Night, MZB&rsquo;s Fantasy Magazine</em>, and many other anthologies and magazines. Her recent books include Darkover novels <em>Thunderlord </em>and <em>The Children of Kings</em> (with Marion Zimmer Bradley); <em>Collaborators</em>, a Lambda Literary Award Finalist/James Tiptree, Jr. Award recommended list (as Deborah Wheeler); and <em>The Seven-Petaled Shield</em>, an epic fantasy trilogy based on her &ldquo;Azkhantian Tales&rdquo; in the <em>Sword and Sorceress</em> series. Deborah made her editorial debut in 2008 with <em>Lace and Blade</em>, followed by <em>Lace and Blade 2, Stars of Darkover </em>(with Elisabeth Waters)<em>,</em> <em>Gifts of Darkover</em>, <em>Realms of Darkover</em>, and a number of other anthologies.</p>