About the author

James G. Robertson

<strong>Welcome! I'm not sure what you hoped to find coming to read about me, but since you're here already, I guess I'll enlighten you with a little information about myself and my stories.</strong> <strong>&nbsp; <br><br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;So why this story? It's a premise that I think a lot of people think about, or after reading it perhaps will think about! There are a lot of questions in this world and all we can do is hypothesize about what is true and what is not. You won't have the same ideals or even thoughts as me, and that's certainly fine.&nbsp;I'm sure we can all agree that the world is a complex and mysterious place!</strong> <strong>&nbsp; <br><br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;I began writing Afterworld about 6 years ago (2014). It started as a way to reconcile the world around me. When I was younger, I would pray and look to the sky&nbsp;looking for something exciting, religious or otherwise.&nbsp;I was looking for an escape from this dull reality, you see, though I never got an answer.</strong> <strong>&nbsp; That is when I came up with the concept of the gods having another plan. <br><br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;So I started this book as a way to explain to myself, or at least theorize why the gods would never answer. That is how the prominent religious aspect which you will read about in my book(s) came to be, as well as my agnostic view towards religion. All that was set in motion on earth was to fulfill that plan.&nbsp;</strong> <strong>&nbsp; <br><br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;You may find it strange that a Political Science major turns fantasy author. Well, that's true, but honestly, I think it is a close second major to go in before you start writing. The amount of reading and the many papers that you do throughout your program is nothing to laugh about.&nbsp;</strong> <strong>&nbsp; <br><br>​​​​​​​&nbsp;&nbsp;My one talent in this world is my imaginative mind. I hope I can at least bring some joy and excitement to those of you who choose to read my stories.</strong> <strong>&nbsp; Thanks again for your support. It really does mean the world to me that I get to continue to write and share these crazy ideas of mine through my imagination and writing.&nbsp;</strong> <br><br>​​​​​​​ <strong>https://twitter.com/NextJamesRobert</strong>