About the author

Mercedes Moss

<p>Mercedes Moss is an educator and a lover of God, Angels and His Saints. She received her first revelation of Christ in a live vision at about age thirteen when she saw &nbsp;feet (from the thighs down) covered in white robes and wearing brown sandals.</p><p>As she grew, her faith and love for Christ grew and she lived to please God to the best of her&nbsp;ability.</p><p>The Lord called her&nbsp; away from her country in 2005 and began to appear to her in live visions. Archangels Gabriel and Michael also appeared, as well as Angels and&nbsp; Saints living in heaven.</p><p>These revelations made such a tremendous impact on her that she was never the same again. She began to write about these visitations and has also ministered the Word of God online to over one hundred and eighty one nations.</p><p></p><p>To discover more, go to&nbsp;</p><p>https://thelordsangels.wordpress.com</p><p>https://pppministries.wordpress.com</p><p>God bless you.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p>