About the author

Kalverya Johansson

<p>KALVERYA JOHANSSON was born in Darwin Australia back in 1995. She spent much of her childhood imagining a world different than one she was living. One with sterling silver knights and super-humans. She has published her books on Wattpad and other writing sites back in 2015. There she&#8217;s been on and off writing and life. She is the writer of many series and has published her books under numerous pen names beforehand.</p><p>She has been writing for eight years and counting and is a novelist, a chocaholic and a coffee fanatic (sometimes). When she&#8217;s free she spends most of her time as expected; writing but also, designing digital art. She enjoys karate watching DC Comic and Marvel comics all of which is responsible for her overactive imagination.</p><p>She was also known as other names over the years but no longer publishes under. If you like, aliens, demons, monster and the supernatural; you&#8217;ll love this new science fiction fantasy author. Here in this world, she&#8217;ll create monsters and demons that desire fresh meat while enjoying a treacherous dance.</p>