About the author

Jonathan Gould

<p>Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, I spent my youth overindulging in&nbsp;<em>Mad Magazine</em>,&nbsp;<em>Monty Python</em>, and&nbsp;<em>The Hitchhiker&rsquo;s Guide to the Galaxy</em>, which left me with a slightly skewed view of the world.</p><p>As a result, I&rsquo;ve written numerous comedy sketches for both live theatre and radio, as well as several attempts at the great Australian sitcom. However, it is in books that I believe I&rsquo;ve found my true calling. There&rsquo;s nothing I enjoy more than creating stories for children, and for the child in all of us &ndash; stories that I hope will make people laugh and think, and add a smile to their day.</p><p>In addition to my children&rsquo;s stories, I&rsquo;ve also written several humorous novels and novellas, one of which was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Goodreads Choice Awards.</p>