About the author

Sharon Quinn

<p>Sharon Quinn is a dynamic lecturer and teacher who facilitates parents, kids, and teachers in learning what their education has left undone.<br><br>Her Montessori training inspires her unique creative insights into educational gaps, and with a well-trained eye for the bottom line, she fills the gaps with an enlivening teaching style that delivers solutions to difficult concepts with utmost clarity.<br><br>Montessori training awakened the visionary in Sharon, and she’s been an educational strategist ever since, cofounding the non-profit AKRNA™ and also AMMA Montessori.<br><br>Relentless about her passions, she’s been creating programs, such as PARENTS in the KNOW!™, Matea™ training (a new breed of empirically-led and systems-thinking teachers), Thinking Chair &amp; Find Your Peace™ (TCFP) discipline, and SELFGnosis® Inquiry and Spirit R&amp;R, to advance healthy paradigm shifts in educational systems thinking, in parenting for well-being, and in learning and knowing Who-I-Am with the clarity that she profoundly grasps.<br><br>Sharon continues to graciously advance her passion to simplify quality learning with interactive Q&amp;As and visuals for enjoyable seminars, lectures, and classes. Her presentations are driven by your learning needs as well as her passion to help ease the pain and suffering of humanity, especially for families and children as we negotiate a way through the unprecedented disruption in our lives.&nbsp;<br></p>