About the author

John Pedersen

<p>JOHN PEDERSEN was born and raised on the Hudson River near Albany in historic Upstate New York. His grandfather was a fiddler and banjo player who, along with numerous other musical relatives, steered him down the path of folk music.</p><p>He spent several years in Toronto doing stringed instrument repairs and winning the affection of his wife Judy. In the mid 70&rsquo;s they moved to San Anselmo, California, in Marin County, where they went to work at Amazing Grace Music store. They eventually bought it and continue to operate it.</p><p>John&rsquo;s abilities as a Master Luthier have earned him a wide following among players from all over the country.</p><p>He is an avid motorcyclist and has owned and rebuilt many bikes, as well as being a founding member of the Roadoilers Vintage Motorcycle Club.</p><p>John&rsquo;s surfing reputation was made on large boards and small waves and his accordion playing career is rightfully non-existent.</p><p>He plays fiddle and banjo with his band, handily also called The Roadoilers.</p><p>John is thrilled that his friends and family have given him enough story material to write novels. He is also the author of the novel &ldquo;<em>Scroll and Curl</em>&rdquo;.</p>