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Craig Ferguson

<p>ACM&rsquo;s Director of Strategy, Craig Ferguson, graduated from Melbourne University with Bachelors Degrees in Law &amp; Economics in &rsquo;93. He has 21 years experience working in the world&rsquo;s leading investment banks and in financial markets. Craig was a Government Bond &amp; FX trader for JPMorgan (&rsquo;94-99) in Sydney, then took JPMorgan&rsquo;s London-based Global Technical Analysis group (&rsquo;99-&rsquo;03) to consistently one of the top 3 forecasters (Euromoney &amp; Institutional Investor Surveys) of FX, Bond, Commodity &amp; Equity markets around the world between &rsquo;00-&rsquo;03. Upon returning to Australia, he took up a position as the Senior Currency Strategist at ANZ (&rsquo;03-&rsquo;06).</p><p></p><p>While at ANZ he was voted (Peter Lee survey) by the top 100 Australian corporate clients the best FX forecaster in Australia &rsquo;04-&rsquo;06, and ran an $80m hedge fund allocation program. He then left ANZ to found Antipodean Capital Management, which specialises in providing asset allocation, research and financial markets advisory services to the world&rsquo;s largest sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, family offices, banks, corporates and private corporations. Craig lives in the country outside Melbourne, where he brings up his 4 children, and generally runs around (like most people) with little time to spare between work, household and family obligations.</p>