About the author

Debbie Young

<p> Debbie Young &nbsp;is an English writer of fiction and non-fiction.&nbsp;</p> <p> Her <strong>fiction </strong>has been described as &quot;very subtle, very English, very clever&quot; by novelist Marius Gabriel. Calum Kerr, founder of National Flash Fiction Day, says &quot;Debbie Young&#39;s attention to detail brings the extraordinary out of the everyday&quot;.</p> <p> With two volumes of short stories now published (<em>Quick Change</em> and <em>Stocking Fillers</em>), a growing collection of stand-alone single short stories in digital form, and more stories included in anthologies, she is currently working on her first novel.&nbsp;</p> <p> Debbie Young&#39;s <strong>non-fiction</strong> includes self-help books for other authors, such as <em>Sell Your Books!</em> and <em>Opening Up To Indie Authors</em>. She is Commissioning Editor of the self-publishing advice blog of the Alliance of Independent Authors.&nbsp;</p> <p> She is an enthusiastic blogger at the Young By Name blog on her author website.</p> <p> She takes inspiration from both village life and her travels in the family camper van with her Scottish husband and their young daughter.</p> <p> She is never bored.</p>