About the author

Rich Hackenberg

<p>Rich Hackenberg's fervor for sports and youth empowerment spans over two decades, embodying roles as a coach, mentor, and educator. His extensive engagement has bestowed profound insights into the challenges and triumphs of young athletes across diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Recognizing the holistic nature of coaching, Rich prioritizes character and mindset development alongside skill instruction.</p><p>Drawing from his own routines and professional training in leadership and technology, Rich identifies parallels between personal practices and the challenges faced by athletes. As a mentor to college-bound athletes, he intimately understands the transitional hurdles they encounter. This insight motivated his pursuit of further education in sports psychology, aiming to empower athletes to overcome mental barriers and optimize performance.</p><p>Rich's journey revealed the transformative power of self-care in athletic success. Understanding its personalized nature, he crafted a comprehensive program, "The Secret Sauce," supplemented by the practical "Battle Plan" for youth athletes. Grounded in research and endorsed by successful athletes, this program aims to enrich athletic journeys and foster lasting positive impacts on athletes' lives.</p><p>In his book, Rich shares invaluable self-care strategies and personal anecdotes, inspiring readers to embark on a journey of self-improvement. Through his guidance, he aspires to equip athletes with the tools to reach their full potential and embrace their inner champion. Join Rich on this transformative journey toward holistic athletic development and personal fulfillment.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p>